MySpace Graffiti

This is an interesting experiment encouraging public graffiti involving participants writing their personal myspace URL onto a specific wall. I like the way the artist has taken the concept away from the computer and into the public domain.

MySpace Stats

This site gives details of the amount and type of users using MySpace across the world as well as focusing on the UK users. I can use these statistics in my own work. – Internet traffic source

Leaders in Internet traffic, showing MySpace as the fifth most popular.

Interview in WireTap

This site shows an interview given by Danah Boyd talking about MySpace, kids and social networking.

Apophenia :: Making connections where none previously existed

A link to Danah Boyd’s personal blog where she regualrly updates her ideas and research into her work on social networking and youths

The Mirror Project

This site shows a collection of self portraits taken in mirrors and other reflective surfaces

Put Your Best Face Forwards

An article from the Chicago tribune, looking at the way young people use photographs to represent themselves online

Self Portrait as a Cultural Phenomenon

An article from the New York Times about how young children are taking and sharing their self portraits online, and why it is so popular.

Self-portrait in a flat panel display

Blog entry focusing on an essay by Hubert Burba about the rise of online images as a means to selling or promoting, and the move away from the ‘individual’ in favour of a collective or network

A Realists Guide to Online Photos

A jokey guide to how and why people choose the photos and poses they use for their online representations

MySpace Flickr Tags

A Flickr user, who has a similar interest in how people represent themselves online had collected a range of photographs of people who are linked to him via his Myspace profile. From this, there are links to Flickr groups who posted photo’s with ‘myspace’ related tags.

MySpace and Identity Construction

Link to an essay, looking into the way identity is constructed through online social communities such as MySpace.

Wikipedia: Online Identity

The Wikipedia defintion of an Online Identity with interesting sub-sections on Online Identity vs Real Identity and issues surrounding the law and concepts of ‘the mask’.

Wikipedia: Photo Sharing

Wikipedia definition of Photo Sharing and other related issues