Over the Easter break i created a FaceBook account all in the name of social networking research and have sadly become slightly adddicted. While Myspace is customisable via HTML and focused on creating personality within pages, FaceBook has taken the opposite route with it’s standard, non-editable profiles.

The key feature i’m interested within FaceBook however is the way it incorprates photos and tagging. While MySpace allows us to upload our images to our individual ‘pics’ page or create slide shows to embedd in profiles, it lacks the sharing aspect you would expect of Web 2.0. With FaceBook, when an image is uploaded the owner is asked to tag who ever appears in a picture. If the other subjects in the photo also have a FaceBook account, a message will appear in their profile telling them they have been tagged in a photo and the photo will be added to their “Photos” section. I really like this way of sharing and collecting photos and is partly one of the reasons I’m hooked on FaceBook.