While unrelated to my own project I found this article in the Daily Telegraph today and found it relevant to the ideas of blogging and Web 2.0. There were 2 articles in the paper, both focusing on the difference in opinion over proposed ‘code of conduct’ that should be used to regulate the blogging community. In the first article on the front page it says that while some support this idea, others are less than happy to be controlled in such a way and feel that the freedom of expression offered by blogging will be lost. The idea, started by Tim O’Reilly is being dismissed as “well meaning but misguided”. The code is said to ask people not to post anonymous comments and also to not say anything that they would not be able to say in person. This initiative comes after a blogger started to recieve death threats via her blog.

In the second article on page 13 “Bloggers divided over call to be ‘civil in Cyberspace’ elaborates on the previous article showing the difference in opinion surrounding the proposed code. While many high profile bloggers support the code, others say the code would be unenforcable and restrict free speech. As one technology journalist states, the appeal of the blogosphere is in it’s freedom to express your ideas but with that comes the risk of unpleasant behaviour. As mentioned in the prevoius article many dismiss the code as misguided and say it will be very difficult to enforce and control.