There has been a gap in my postings, but rest assured I have been working hard to combine all my ideas and findings into a presentation to be given tomorrow.

I’ve tried to include as much theory as possible without making it too dull, but was sure to include Danah Boyd, Jill Walker and Heather Champs ideas as i think they were most influential in the shaping of my research. I also included several of the images i recieved via MySpace and tried to analysis them using the theory and ideas i have come across. Asides from the the actual standing up and speaking, i am confident that i have succinctly presented all the key points.

If you look in the reading and comments section i have also added a more detailed write up on Boyd’s and Walker’s essay and will add further comments soon. Once my presentation has been given i will also add my notes to this sections as they act as a good summary of all the ideas.