I’ve decided to focus the majority of my MySpace research project on Photography and the way we represent oursleves through photographs and in particular, self portraits.

This idea developed from talking to a Digital Photography student at my university who created a collection of photographs taken from MySpace members who defined themselves as ‘depressed’. He used the photographs, as well as extracts from their blogs. I find this concept really interesting and like the idea that photographs can be used to express personality and character.

I was told of an article called Mirror and Shadows: The Digital Aestheticisation of Oneself’ by Jill Walker. In this paper she looks at the digital self portrait and how we use it to represent ourselves alongside autographical online narratives and weblogs. One particular site that is of interest is The Mirror Project , a collection of photographs that show self portraits taken in a range of reflective surfaces. Walker suggests that images of ourselves that we show the world are “not about trying to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about oneself”, and so we can alter and manipulate our images before we make them public.

In this sense, the photos we choose to post on sites such as MySpace are very important, as they are an opportunity to demonstrate and show others our personality. The photo must show elements of our character, and we can choose whether these elements are truthful characteristics or ones we would like to have.