As a starting point i posted this bulletin via MySpace this morning and also posted it as a blog entry on my profile:

“hands up who wants to help me with my social networking project???

I’m looking at MySpace and the way we represent ourselves for all the world to see through our profiles and, in particular, our self portrait photographs. If you’d like to get involved then all you have to do is send me the photo (preferably one you’ve taken yourself) that says the most about you, and maybe a few sentences about how it represents your personality. This photo may be used in my final presentation and possibly posted on my blog

I’ve got a blog entry on my page about the project and also a research blog which is Who would have thought that i’d make something academic out of all my time on myspace??

Any questions, just message or comment me”

I hope that people will offer some photographs and comments that will help me reach some conclusions about self portraiture and representation.