I’ve begun looking into others research surrounding social networking and have found it to be a popular topic. One particular site Apophenia, the personal blog of social networking scienctist Danah Boyd. This is a great resource for ideas and avenues to explore. She encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas between all those carrying out social networking research I particulaly like the work of Danah Boyd herself, the site has links Boyd’s papers. In Why Youth ♥ Myspace she talks about how American youths use Myspace and social networking sites for “identity production and socialisation in contempoary American society”, talking about the phenomenon since it’s beginnings in 2003 to present day where it has more ‘hits’ a day that any page on the Internet, asides from Yahoo. For a review of this paper see my Readings and Comments section.

As I mentioned in my previous posts i’m keen to find out how and why people are using MySpace, the age range of it’s users and what they hope to gain from their experience, so i may begin my own research by posting a bulletin out to my personal ‘friends’ (a some might say measly 71) asking specific questions such as:

1. A/S/L?
2. Total of Friends?
3. How many of those Friends do you actually know in person (approx)?
4. Do you use MySpace Video, MySpace Music etc?
5. Do you use it in a Proffessional capacity?

These sorts of questions will allow me to gather my own statistics and data.