Thinking about possible project ideas focusing around the ways in which people socialise and network using the features synonomous with Web 2.0, I was taken with the idea of looking at The social phenomenon that is MySpace combines a wide range of social computing and networking tools. Primarily, as their slogan suggests, MySpace is “A place for friends” and utilises the networking features of interlinked, searchable profiles. As well as this the profiles can include blogs, photos, videos and music, all hyperlinked and connected to outside, associated websites.

I think it would be interesting, as a user of MySpace, to research how others use this site for their own personal or professional motives, possibly focusing on the way in which bands can use it as a promotional tool and how some, such as The Arctic Monkeys, achieved mainstream success from an intial cult following from a MySpace profile created by fans.

I will begin by finding other peoples research into myspace and social networking sites, gathering statistics and trying to find a specific angle or question that interests me.